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Paving & OverlaysWell maintained asphalt can last for decades but traffic and weather will eventually take their toll.  Before things get too bad, call the Orlando asphalt paving experts at Street Savers.  We'll send one of our engineers to your location, evaluate the condition of your pavement and recommend an appropriate course of action.  Depending on the overall condition of your asphalt surface,  patching, sealcoating, an asphalt overlay or a partial- or full-depth reclamation may be recommeded. 

Potholes can be cut out, filled and patched as long as there aren't so many of them that the integrity of the asphalt's base layer has been severely compromised.

With an aspalt overlay, we add approximately 1-2" of new asphalt over the existing surface, then compact it to form a sturdy new surface that can provide many more years of trouble free service.

As long as your existing asphalt is in reasonably stable shape and the base layer of crushed gravel is not extensively eroded by water,  an asphalt overlay will save you money and provide great results.

Call Street Savers for a free evaluation and quote to make your parking lot look like new again!

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